Customize Reminders and View Unsubscribe Cards


Go to Settings -> Reminder Settings to customize (1) how fast Seer reminds you about your actionable messages and (2) show or hide reminders based on your preferences.

The default settings are:

Requests for people you should answer, Seer reminds you if there is no activity in the thread for 1 day. Decrease it to 0 if you want reminders to be created immediately, and increase it to allow yourself more time before getting reminded to respond. The request toggle is set to “Show” by default, but you can toggle to hide them, or reshow them as you wish. 

Follow-ups for people that need to answer you, Seer waits 3 days before displaying a reminder. Decrease this to get reminders sooner and increase it if you want to give people more time to answer you. The follow-up toggle is set to “Show” by default, but you can toggle to hide them, or reshow them as you wish. 

Unsubscribes are turned OFF by default as depending on your inbox the number of unsubscribes can be overwhelming. Toggle it to “Show” to view cards for emails Seer thinks you should unsubscribe from and could locate a unsubscribe link. This feature is in testing, so please send us your feedback and we try to get around the tricks many email providers put in place to keep you on their list. 

All reminders expire after 14 days Seer is set to expire any reminder if there is no activity in the thread after 14 days. You can extend this period to 28 days, if you want to Seer to go farther back and also remind you over a longer time period.

Automatically Star Messages

Go to Settings -> Auto Star Email Settings and slide "Star All Tasks" to on and Seer will add a star to each email that Seer creates a reminder for. Slide ”Unstar Completed Tasks” to on and Seer will remove stars when it believes a message is complete (based on activity inside that thread). 


Turning both Star and Unstar on both helps to make Seer + Gmail Starred label a quick and easy way to see all the messages that need your attention at once. 


It also works Seer + iPhone Mail if you add the “Flagged” Inbox using the Edit button inside iPhone’s Mail client. The iPhone only displays starred messages in your inbox, so this is a great way to see all the messages that need your reply at once. 

Push alerts for VIP questions


Go to Settings -> VIP Alerts to move contacts to your Notify list and receive push alerts as soon as they email you a question.You can also move them to you Ignore list and Seer will no longer create reminders for that person. By default, all your contacts appear in the Other, so start there.

This feature is in testing, so please send us feedback.

Auto Archive (Inbox Zero) Options

Go to Settings -> Auto Archive Settings to archive emails based on your actions inside Seer.

Slide Ignore to “ON”, if each time you ignore a reminder inside Seer, you want Seer to archive the email and help keep your inbox tidy.

Slide Schedule to “ON”, to do the same when you add a reminder to your calendar and slide Reply to “ON”, to do the same after you reply to a message inside Seer.

Smart reminders. Smarter You.

What does Seer do for me?

Seer shows you who to email next. 

How does Seer work?

Seer processes your emails to find unanswered questions from people you email frequently. You just need to set aside 2 minutes each day to review the most pressing reminders Seer creates for you each day. 

Reply cards show you people that still need an answer. 

Remind cards show you people who haven’t answered you

Unsubscribe cards are optional and suggest email to unsubscribe from. 

For each card, you can one-click to complete the task (reply, remind, or unsubscribe), schedule time on your calendar to do it later, or ignore the reminder completely.

Seer can create these reminders automatically because it analyzes sentences within your emails, checks the thread for replies, and uses your email history to filter out unimportant people. 

What advantage does it give me?

If you use gmail at home and at work, Seer can help you focus on the people that matter most in just two minutes each day. Whether you use your inbox as a to-do list or keep a separate one, Seer is designed to find work and help you finish it faster. 

How do I use it?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Connect your gmail accounts (supports multiple accounts at once)
  3. Pick a time for your daily notification

When can I use it?

Now. Download it here and follow @getseer for updates.